Your Turn!

It’s Friday which means it’s your chance to rant the living shit out of whatever’s been making you crap shards of spleen lately. Oh go on, you can bang on about whatever you fancy and you can even ‘fuck’ and ‘cockwomble’ as much as you like too. And just in case you are in need of inspiration this is what’s put me on the police radar this week:

How being exposed to the encockulating daytime TV when in hospital made me write DNR on my own medical notes:

Why I don’t blame Simon Cowell for not changing nappies. I blame parenting for making me do a shit load of other bollocky jobs too:

Why when working class kids run amok in parks they are ‘lawless’ but when middle class kids do it they are ‘expressing themselves’:

How, if what women wear to the school yard says something about them, my trousers are screaming , “Go fuck yourselves!”:

See? It’s as easy and using the internet for online therapy. So get stuck in with your own fury, kraken-lovers. Get stuck in.

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