Sorry…WHAT size is this dress?

The other day I did some online sales shopping in Dotty Ps and bought myself this lovely dress:

I’m a size 18 in most clothes but I always buy a size 20 in dresses because I have mahoosive shoulders. Collected the dress from the shop and took it to try it on. As you will notice from the picture, it has quite a tight waistband, which would probably have looked quite nice on me as it would flatter my figure. All good so far.

Here’s the problem:
When I went to try it on, I could’t get the waistband over my boobs. Took it off and tried stepping into it and couldn’t get the waistband over my bum. What kind of idiot designer makes a dress with an entirely inflexible waistband that won’t fit over someone who has the body shape that a dress in a size 20 requires? I tried many times, I even asked my friend to come in and pull it. It wasn’t going on. It really frustrated me, clearly they have no concept of sizing and it was such a pretty dress. It knocked my confidence a little too, until I realised that this was ENTIRELY THEIR FAULT. I’d bought a size bigger than I needed and I STILL COULDN’T GET IT ON. WHAT THE FUCK DOROTHY PERKINS??

I stomped my way back to the counter and demanded my money back. Waste of my time, the whole fiasco.

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2 Responses to Sorry…WHAT size is this dress?

  1. Shirls says:

    What a pity – it IS a lovely dress. But it’s supposed to have a zipper which I’d have thought would have run from top to hips? Oh hang on I just went and looked at the back view – it does, but as you say that waist band doesn’t leave much room to wiggle into it. Maybe DP will apologize and send you a big discount voucher!

  2. Rootietoot says:

    I feel your pain. I also wear an 18-ish, but have a 14 waist, so anything purchased either has to be worn with a belt or altered. Now, I also sew, making couture dresses for a designer,and I can tell you that most of them have no concept of a woman’s shape above about a size 6-8. Even the female designers. Did you know that Plus Size for a designer is a size 12?

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