Mooses in the (newish) hoose

So, it turns out that the new build flat that I purchased and moved into eight months after delays is full of gaps and holes left by the builders, who have no sense of maths. For two small wires, they cut a gap of 2 inches diameter. They left gaping wide gaps under my dishwasher. Which, now with the colder weather has led to my flat being a haven for furry four-legged critters. They might as well have provided a mini-bar and a welcome mat for these little turd machines. First appointment the managers gave me for the pest control man was for a week later. Two days later, after locking myself into my sealed bathroom rocking back and forth into catatonic grief, I called in the private contractors. Half an hour later, they were putting out bait and examining mouse turds. No previous mention of possible gaps during the mortgage survey, the liability inspection, and I was told to wait a week on my own? Fuck that.

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