Fat man anorexic

While in the supermarket yesterday, helping my mum round the shop, I encountered an example of what I’ll hesitate to call humankind. A big fat old man proudly wearing a t-shirt bearing the slogan, ‘I’ve beaten anorexia’.
I practically stood there open-mouthed as the ‘ignoranus’ pushed his trolley past me. I held back from confronting him for fear I wouldn’t know how to stop if I got started.
What a prick. My mum has battled anorexia for decades along with other mental health issues, but that’s an area worthy of ridicule for this chap. What if he had walked past someone who had lost a dear friend or relative to the disease? I just can’t understand the gall of this type of person. So is it acceptable to wear a t-shirt with ‘I beat cancer’ if you’re a skinhead?
Anyway, just had to rant! I hope I never see him again.

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One Response to Fat man anorexic

  1. Imogen says:

    I remember when I was working in a hotel bar a few years ago, a dude was staying for a week and every night he came to the bar in a different bad-joke T-shirt, one of them being the delightful one you talk about here. Don’t know how I didn’t throw his pint all over him. PUKE.

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