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Drop Dead

Christ, that’ll teach me. There I was thinking that after five years of parenting I had finally developed a vague grasp of what is expected of me when, bam! I was kicked so hard in the parental ballsack that I’ve … Continue reading

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I’m a Mother. Get the Fuck Used To It.

by Cathy I read an article in the Guardian (I don’t know what I expected, but still) and am now FUCKED OFF at people telling me what I should and shouldn’t do because I happen to be a mother. I … Continue reading

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Lies, (not so) Damned Lies

Spare me the useless bloody information, will you? See, a study of families published in the International journal of Psychology has found that parents tell lies to alter how their children behave. No shit, Sherlock. Fuck knows how much time … Continue reading

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Dear Kraken Junior

There come those times in life when you have to turn to your children and say unspeakable things in the name of your own sanity. Today is one of those times for Kraken Junior is turning five years of age. … Continue reading

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Mother Love

Ok, Ok, I am trying to deep-breathe my way through this next blog post but so far it’s not working. In fact I’ve turned a fetching shade of puce and if you’re lucky I may actually pass out before I … Continue reading

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