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Paint Job

You know, this weekend I had a moment that was the adult equivalent of a child discovering that Santa is really the cackling Grim Reaper dressed as a jolly fat Norseman. I became so distressed at what I’m about to … Continue reading

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Paper Chase

  You know those days when you want to grab the planet by its shoulders and shake it until it wakes from its social coma and sees sense. Well, kraken-lovers, today is such a day. Should you feel the ground … Continue reading

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Top Off

What in the giddy fathoms of fuck is this? Thanks to a merry band of kraken-lovers I have been sent details of a product that is available on the website of trinket-floggers Argos. Thing is, before I tell you about … Continue reading

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Empty mouths

You’ll never have guessed this, kraken-lovers, but I’m an arsy old scrote. I’m an even arsier old scrote first thing in the morning. So you can imagine what I was like when I received my local paper at breakfast time … Continue reading

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Washed Up

  Holy shit on a burning trumpet. I barely know how to start this blog post because I am so stunned by the subject matter that I’ve spent the last hour rasping into a paper bag. See, the rather spectacular … Continue reading

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