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Famous idiots


Speaking as a woman who has seen an entire human head erupt from her screeching vagina, I can honestly say that every single day of my existence I am chuffed to fuck that I am not in labour. That’s why, … Continue reading

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An Education

  Whoa there! Hold the boat Captain Fuckhart, hold the boat. What’s this I see on the horizon? It’s not an iceberg, it’s not the doldrums and it as sure as shit ain’t the good ship HMS Equality. Ah, but … Continue reading

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Filthy Rich

Wheyhey! You know how, on a Saturday night, most people go clubbing, meet for dinner, nip to the cinema or sink a few pints? Not me. Fuck no. That’s because I spent Saturday night defending Wimbledon tennis champ Marion Bartoli … Continue reading

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  Hot-shit lollipops! Look, far be it from me to stray too deep into the world of fashion what with me being more favoured with rage than style. Yet, today, fashion has indeed come a-knocking, dragging me from my lair and … Continue reading

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Dear Tyler (or Mr The Creator) Well, well, well, what a massive wank-handle you’ve turned out to be. Now, I know we have never met – I thank God daily for her small mercies – but lately I have become … Continue reading

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