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The perils, angst and blind panic of spawning

Hair Raising

Want to know something, kraken-lovers? When I first saw the subject of today’s post I almost shat out my own teeth, such was my arse-tearing hysteria. In fact, it took me an hour to form that first sentence there. Seriously, … Continue reading

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I Spy

Look, as much as I adore technology there are days when I want to take that stick I used to wave at the sun and shove it up someone’s arse. That’s because there are days when technology takes such a … Continue reading

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Word Up

What in the shrinking ballsack of sexist Satan is this? You see, a couple of kraken-lovers have assaulted me with a picture that has only hitherto been found in the Oxford English Dictionary under the definition of ‘arse-seepage’. In fact, … Continue reading

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Poisoned Letter

  Holy fuckaloney. You know, when you become a parent you are told repeatedly that it’s an experience that’s liberally scattered with joys and delight? And yes, that may be true. What the bastards fail to tell you, though, is … Continue reading

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Going for a Song

Dear Robin Thicke (CCd to Pharrell and TI) Oh, Robin, you are a massively suppurating bowl of stool-water aren’t you? In fact I can now see where the name Thicke comes from. It’s not so much a moniker as a … Continue reading

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