Hire The Kraken

No, you dope, I don’t mean hire me to shout at unsuspecting strangers. I mean hire me to write for you.

See, as well as being The Kraken I’m an award-winning freelance journalist writing features and columns for the UK broadsheets and mags.I’ve never missed a deadline (even if this means typing while on the toilet), am a spluttering fountain of ideas and will knock out sharp copy over and over again. A bit like a conveyor belt but with more charm and an obsessive hatred of exclamation marks.

Oh, and if it helps The Kraken Wakes is a finalist in the 2013 MAD Blog Awards in the Most Entertaining Blog category and it is also a finalist in the Britmums’ Best in Blogging Awards in the Laugh category.

So if you fancy a dose of The Kraken in your very own publication (OK, OK I’ll curb the bloody swearing) all you have to do is ask. Oh go on. Just ask. It’ll be the best decision you’ve made all day.

Email: cath dot janes at gmail dot com

Twitter: @cathjanes

2 Responses to Hire The Kraken

  1. Katie and Hannah says:

    Hey, we love your piece on Helen Fielding – we’re two professional journalists and we’re setting up a magazine for intelligent women. We’re in the initial stages and we’re collecting together some good articles but would love to feature your piece if you don’t mind. Obvs we can’t pay at this stage. Let us know what you think and if you have any ideas.
    Katie and Hannah

    • The Kraken says:

      Could you ping me a few more details at my email addy? Thanks darlings. I’m at cath dot janes at gmail dot com.

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