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It’s Just Not Cricket

  This week I was regretfully sent a film by Conjugal Kraken and, as usual, I expected to see a surfing kitten or a weather presenter getting a tweak in his bollocks while waving at the west of Scotland. Instead, … Continue reading

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The Claim Game

Kraken lovers, if there was ever a time to gird yourselves, this is it. You see yesterday, on Twitter, I was faced with a post of such vile, grasping, scum-sucking proportions that I actually screen grabbed it for your personal … Continue reading

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50 Signs of Sexist Asda

So, what in the festering staggerment of a rat-nibbled, fuck-strewn turd, do we have here? That’s right, it’s a good reason for me to stand aside from my sewing machine over at Kraken Kreations thanks to a lovingly provided press … Continue reading

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Ched Evans

For fuck sake, I can stand it no longer. You see, I more or less retired from The Kraken Wakes a few months ago when I launched my online shop Kraken Kreations (check it out if you want to see … Continue reading

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It’s not so much a goodbye…

  Right then, Kraken-lovers. I have a nadge-worth of news for you. You have to prepare yourself though. Those of you who love me may have to be sedated while those of you who hate me may invert yourselves with … Continue reading

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