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Cover Story

  NB: When I wrote the below post OK magazine hadn’t apologised for being fat-hating wank-tassels. They still haven’t. They have, though, backtracked like steamrollers stuck in reverse. I shall still treat you to my outpourings, however. No, there’s no … Continue reading

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Weighty Issue

  You know, it’s very rarely that I find a reason to be thankful for the existence of Rupert Murdoch but the Aussie tabloid-tweaker has come up trumps with Sky +. It means I never have to watch an advert … Continue reading

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The Slimming Stasi

Oh thank fuck for the following post. It’s a guest post by Sarah Drew Jones, a lifestyle journalist of some gloriousness, and she is taking a big, fat shit on the media who keep barking at us for being, well, … Continue reading

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