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Present Tense

Look at me, The Kraken, getting all misty-eyed and nostalgic. In fact I’ve become so nostalgic that I’ve inverted myself. Seriously, my gizzards are now on the outside of my body, so giddy am I with the memories of 1990. … Continue reading

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Life Lessons 2

Another student gripe, if you will: Right at this moment I’m in my local coffee shop and you know what utter fucking imbecility I’ve just witnessed? Thee three people in front of me in the queue – all students – … Continue reading

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Life Lessons

If I’ve almost killed one student, I’ve almost killed a thousand of the ignorant fuckers. Living near a university campus means a day barely passes when I don’t find myself bearing down on some undergrad or other before pulling over … Continue reading

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If you ask me – you didn’t, but that’s the risk you take in these here parts – there’s only one good reason to watch the geek-swollen, virgin-fest that is University Challenge. Sod the finer points of geo-thermal dynamics or … Continue reading

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