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Sorry…WHAT size is this dress?

The other day I did some online sales shopping in Dotty Ps and bought myself this lovely dress: I’m a size 18 in most clothes but I always buy a size 20 in dresses because I have mahoosive shoulders. Collected … Continue reading

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Book Worms

Now, just in case you think I have a stick up my arse over the rampant sexism in the advertising that has already kidnapped Christmas and held it hostage, you need to be warned. See, in the following post said … Continue reading

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(No) Goodwill to All Men

What in the giddy realms of festive fuck is this? Look, do you remember how you felt the first time you learned that there was no such thing as Santa or that there were no such things as Mars Bar … Continue reading

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Girls vs Gimps

Today, kraken-feasters, we’ve got a stupendous guest post from Lucy Whitfield. I actually fear she could usurp me as The Kraken. You can tweet her @katchuri. So go get yourself a leather strap to chew on and enjoy… Despite my … Continue reading

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Look, can somebody send me a paper bag to breathe into because Morrisons have induced in me an attack of such proportions that I think I’ve lost a lung. See it’s the ads, the fucking ads. And this time it’s … Continue reading

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