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A Word To the Unwise

Oh Twitter, you giant cauldron of bashed-out spaffage. See, as much as I love Twitter for the friends it’s made me and the insight it’s given me into the lives of others, I absolutely fucking despise it when it acts … Continue reading

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Block Heads

What in the squalling ladycracks of prepubescent voles is this? You see, while the rest of the world is desperate for a peek at K-Mid’s underparts all while pissing it’s own pants at the news of the royal heir I’ve … Continue reading

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Eye Eye

Look, if you’ve been privy to my rage for any length of time you’ll know by now that advertising does to my brain what a chainsaw does to a kitten. Seriously, you could lobotomise me and I’d still have to … Continue reading

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All For One

  Hot buckets of simpering knob-swabs! Tell me, how did society manage to turn the relatively benign pursuit of clothes-shopping into such a ferociously enraging activity? I remember a time when picking up a frock was fun. Now, though, you’re … Continue reading

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Dear Tyler (or Mr The Creator) Well, well, well, what a massive wank-handle you’ve turned out to be. Now, I know we have never met – I thank God daily for her small mercies – but lately I have become … Continue reading

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