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Love Boat

As you can imagine, kraken-lovers, it takes a lot to creep me out, not just because I am an underwater creature of wrath and the scourge of mouth-breathers the world over but because in my spare time I like to … Continue reading

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Holy Moly

*I have just been reliably informed that the story upon which this post is based is a spoof story. I know, I know, I am a festering dilbert. Still feel free to read it, though. No, really. You know, one … Continue reading

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Talking Cock

Whoa there! What in the fuck is this? Now before I tell you what’s making my eyes weep tears of hot spinal fluid I need you to know that I never read the Daily Mail. Ever. I’m permanently furious as … Continue reading

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In Sickness and in Cradle Cap

Look, I’m not saying that children are the marital equivalent of a serial killer running amok through a frat house. I’m just saying the insertion of children into a marriage can turn nuptial delight into a nuptial nightmare. You know … Continue reading

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Shady (the clean version)

As a special treat to a kraken-lover, the below post has been cleansed of curse words. If you want the original version, replete with all manner of sweariness, check out the original version below. Oh my giddy nibblets. Just when … Continue reading

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