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Storm Brewing

Oh, my giddy ballbags. Some people are so deliriously ignorant about women’s issues that they make Bernard Manning look like the last bastion of female equality. And thanks to the Dorset Echo it has been brought to my attention that … Continue reading

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Protesting All The Way

You’d think that after a relaxing weekend I’d be officially bereft of things to rant about, but thanks to page 27 of The Times this morning I am anything but.  See, on a page reporting the anti-gay marriage protests in … Continue reading

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Light n Shade

Ok, screw a well crafted intro. You’ll just have to make do with this: the Tories are ugly, divisive bastards. Is that enough for you? No? Then allow me to explain myself. You see, Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and … Continue reading

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Your Place

Dunno about you but there are times when something infuriates me so violently that I am actually unable to blog about it. My rage physically gets in the way of my fingers hitting the keyboard and my emotions form a … Continue reading

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Saint’s Alive

Julian Assange. Julian fucking Assange. I’ve blathered about him before here but was there ever a man more utterly hateable? Seriously, when I see his picture on TV or in the papers I can barely look at him. And apart … Continue reading

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