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I Spy

Look, as much as I adore technology there are days when I want to take that stick I used to wave at the sun and shove it up someone’s arse. That’s because there are days when technology takes such a … Continue reading

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The Hours

Ok, That’s it. That’s enough. Look, I know that parenting is the spawning ground of a thousand ludicrous debates but there’s one argument that needs to be kicked in the bollocks and left for dead. No, it’s not whether Cbeebies’ … Continue reading

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Just Kidding

You know what, kraken-grabbers, when it comes to parenting I don’t have a single clue about what is going on. Every morning I wake up like an amnesiac, wondering what the fuck that bouncing kid is doing in my house. … Continue reading

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Look, give me a minute, will you? I need to finish breathing into this brown paper bag before I can even start today’s blog post because I am so enraged that I have actually shat out my spleen. See, the … Continue reading

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Drop Dead

Christ, that’ll teach me. There I was thinking that after five years of parenting I had finally developed a vague grasp of what is expected of me when, bam! I was kicked so hard in the parental ballsack that I’ve … Continue reading

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