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Dear Tyler (or Mr The Creator) Well, well, well, what a massive wank-handle you’ve turned out to be. Now, I know we have never met – I thank God daily for her small mercies – but lately I have become … Continue reading

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Going for a Song

Dear Robin Thicke (CCd to Pharrell and TI) Oh, Robin, you are a massively suppurating bowl of stool-water aren’t you? In fact I can now see where the name Thicke comes from. It’s not so much a moniker as a … Continue reading

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Let It Be

Right, you lot. There’s something I have to say, even though it’ll mortify such large swathes of the population that at around 8pm tonight my garden will be like a re-enactment of the final scene of the Wicker Man. Ready? … Continue reading

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How to lose Twitter Followers…

You know what, kraken-feasters? There’s not much that I hate about living in Britain. In fact, on the whole, I love it because it gives me more blog-fodder than a kraken like me could ever deserve. However – aye, you … Continue reading

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Dawn Chorus (Reprise)

Just heard Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing on the radio and it made me reprise this previous post.  Well, I’m not going to reinvent my bloody wheel am I? Whoa! Just came out of my shed where Radio 2′s Steve Wright … Continue reading

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