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Mad, Bad Mothers

Some facts & figures to put this particular rage in context. 221* women every day will suffer from postnatal depression in the UK. 4* women every day will suffer from postpartum psychosis (I was one of those ‘lucky’ 4) Tragically … Continue reading

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Falling Star

Now I consider myself to be a largely unshockable kind of kraken but I’ve gotta hand it to Star magazine for turning that particular idea on its nit-infested head. See, the tabloid mag of staggering idiocy recently published a story … Continue reading

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The Slimming Stasi

Oh thank fuck for the following post. It’s a guest post by Sarah Drew Jones, a lifestyle journalist of some gloriousness, and she is taking a big, fat shit on the media who keep barking at us for being, well, … Continue reading

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Hugh n Mighty

You know,that this blog is a testimony to how much I despise the idiocies of others, but it’s rare that someone actually turns my stomach. In fact I like to think I can see the good in most people which … Continue reading

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Paper Chase

Oh, spare me. It seems that we women have now become such a niche section of society that we’re deserving of our own ickle bit of The Daily Telegraph newspaper. In fact, so convinced are the brains behind the toff-tastic … Continue reading

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