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A Right Royal…

Dear God. I’m going to say something that I have never said before and will never, ever say again. In fact I think I may be the first person to ever utter these words in this sequence. Ready? Poor, poor … Continue reading

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There’s been a bit of a kerfuffle in the kraken cave in the last few days. I, The Kraken, was ambulanced to hospital with dangerously low haemogoblin levels (I know, I know, it’s globinnot goblin but I prefer the latter. … Continue reading

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By A Nose

What in the giddy shit is this? Today’s paper dragged my kicking, screaming and frantically resisting attention to an article about the most heinous of new bridal preparations: the K-E Diet, a crash diet that means being fed through a … Continue reading

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Look, before I start, I want you to know that I’ve always despised this club mentality of parenting. You know the sort of thing, that because you haven’t squeezed another human being out of your vag you can’t possibly understand … Continue reading

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Heads Up

Well, bugger me backwards and spit out the bits. What’s this madness I’ve witnessed in the last two days where tiny babies have been outside without hats on? It’s been – pardon the jargon – fucking freezing but these teeny … Continue reading

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