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Fat Arse

You know, after decades of watching the fashion world insist that women should only be allowed access to its wondrous realms if they can count their own ribs, it still manages to shock the shit out of me. And on … Continue reading

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  Hot-shit lollipops! Look, far be it from me to stray too deep into the world of fashion what with me being more favoured with rage than style. Yet, today, fashion has indeed come a-knocking, dragging me from my lair and … Continue reading

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All For One

  Hot buckets of simpering knob-swabs! Tell me, how did society manage to turn the relatively benign pursuit of clothes-shopping into such a ferociously enraging activity? I remember a time when picking up a frock was fun. Now, though, you’re … Continue reading

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Field of Dreams

  What in the giddy dribbles of knackersackery is this? Remember when you knew summer was coming because your parents finally allowed you to take off your kagoole? And then because you found yourself barking about the price of sunblock … Continue reading

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Baring All

You know that basic thing you do before you leave the house? Checking yourself in the mirror? Well, I’ll be fucked if I haven’t discovered that there’s a whole sea of people out there who never, ever do it. Yup, … Continue reading

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