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Learning Curve

Oh spare me, will you? Some people appear to be so dense that how they get through the day without wondering how to take a shit is beyond me. And, today, I’ve been fretting for the gussetry of two people … Continue reading

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Going Up?

You know those moments when you wonder if the last few years were real or just a dream you had while high on Jaffa Cakes? Well, I’ve had one of those today. See, not for the first time in recent … Continue reading

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Bad Timing

Whoa there! What is this? Kraken Junior started ‘proper’ school last week and I have been hit by the mighty realisation that for the next 12 years – yes, 12 frigging years – she has to be picked up at … Continue reading

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The ‘N’ Word

Hope you kraken-fondlers are happy with what I am about to do, although dissent won’t get you any-bloody-where, as you already know. Anyway, at the end of Kraken Junior’s first week of ‘proper’ school – I know, and I still … Continue reading

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