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Kraken-lovers, after having an entirely blog free week, thanks to the enforced parenting otherwise known as half-term, I’ve had to restrict such phrases as ‘foaming knackersacker’, ‘ staggerment of cock’ and ‘wearing his fucking kidneys as earmuffs’ for when I’ve … Continue reading

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Sign Language

Kraken-lovers, you know by now that my relationship with fellow drivers is so badly strained that it looks like a turd that’s been sieved into a mixing bowl. From the moment I slip behind the wheel of my car I … Continue reading

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Beep Beep

Aw, bless. You have to take pity on some members of the older generation because they can become so easily confused, don’t you think? Especially the men, I find. In fact not just men but male drivers. Well, male racing … Continue reading

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Driven Mad

Whoa! I’ve just had a small mental implosion from which I will never recover if I don’t write about it. It’s something that’s been festering in my brain like a small, gangrenous water vole hibernating for a nuclear winter. Which … Continue reading

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Car Wars

Okay, Right. No, no, I’m alright, really, I just need to get my breath back and pick up my left eyeball which popped out of my head and rolled under the sofa when I read the following twattery and partook … Continue reading

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