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You know, I can’t be arsed to find out who said that life was a series of crushing disappointments but, by Christ, whoever it was was talking about my day. Yesterday. Sunday 15 July 2012. Now, hard as this may … Continue reading

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Bloody Hell

Oh my giddy shit. I’ve witnessed something so grim that if I could remove my brain and soak it in Toilet Duck I would. Problem is, this isn’t the first time I’ve been privy to this act of human vileness … Continue reading

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Phone Goblins

Another prime example of how mobile phones have destroyed humanity. Yesterday I was sitting in a small group of people, all of us discussing some shit or other, when one of the group got out her phone. You know what … Continue reading

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Screen Scream

Perhaps it’s the meedja hype that ruins film watching for me these days. You know, the hysterical reviews, the bandwagon bouncers, the ‘must-watch’ articles by hacks who wangled freebies in return for a stout fawn. Anyway, something sure as shit … Continue reading

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Tomorrow we’re decorating the kraken cave with a Christmas tree. I tell you this because it might be useful information when the police ask for witnesses. Personally I’d put the tree up at 9pm on Crimbo Eve and then saw … Continue reading

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