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Pots of Toss

People can be such wankers, don’t you think? Yes, wankers. And why am I telling you this? Because I am sick to shit of the theory, most oft-spouted at parents, that if they find any aspect of parenting so tough … Continue reading

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Afternoon Delight

Ew, ew, ew and ew again. Other people can be so abso-fucking-lutely vile. And do you want to know why I’m barking this fevered generalisation? Because my little kraken family and I have just been for an afternoon walk in … Continue reading

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Rolling In It

Whoa there! So, pillow-faced pop warbler Adele is up le duff. Welcome to the flap-fooffed club, Adele love. Believe me, it’s going to do some real damage to that 24 years of yours. May I suggest that your next album … Continue reading

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Blimey. Splashed all over today’s news is a picture of the missing Madeleine McCann. It’s a mock-up of how she would look today at the age of nine, five years after her disappearance from a hotel in Portugal while on … Continue reading

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