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Dear Reader…

Right, you lot had better prepare yourselves. You know how I’ve been leaking bile since you met me? Well that’s changing for one day only. See, I’m actually in the festive spirit (I thought it was just wind for a … Continue reading

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Dear Santa…

Dear Santa I hope you are thriving up there at the North Pole and that you’re ready to creep down my chimney next week like an ageing pervert with a soot-fetish. We’re all very excited about you visiting us. Conjugal … Continue reading

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Party Politics

Far me it from me to get my arse in my hand over Christmas but fuck it. I’m going to anyway because as much as I love a week or two of festive carnage I despise the journalistic bollocks that … Continue reading

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(No) Goodwill to All Men

What in the giddy realms of festive fuck is this? Look, do you remember how you felt the first time you learned that there was no such thing as Santa or that there were no such things as Mars Bar … Continue reading

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Seasons Bloody Greetings

Look, I knew I’d be writing about this at some point in the next couple of months but, for fuck’s sake, I never expected it to be this early. In fact I can barely bring myself to type the next … Continue reading

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