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Bum Note

One of my few places of solitude is my sewing shed, where I sit amongst a mountain of fabric and bobbins while rustling up dresses and shoving Jaffa Cakes into my mouth, ideally three at a time. I’m living the … Continue reading

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Eye Eye

Look, if you’ve been privy to my rage for any length of time you’ll know by now that advertising does to my brain what a chainsaw does to a kitten. Seriously, you could lobotomise me and I’d still have to … Continue reading

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Dad Attack

Well, bugger me backwards and spit out the bits. See, I’ve seen an ad, produced by shelf-stuffers Asda, for some nappy deal or other. Now said ad spaffed out the usual images of waddling toddlers and it as sure as … Continue reading

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Right, you lot. Just in case you are sick of hearing my voice (you are? What in the fuck is wrong with you?) the glorious Andy from Always Time for Biscuits is treating us to a guest post instead. Gotta love … Continue reading

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Jumping Through Hoops

You know what’s really getting on my tit about the Olympic Games? The infuriating way in which every business in the land is forcing the event into their advertising campaigns. The Olympic bandwagon has now become so fucking enormous that … Continue reading

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