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Yes, your rage, you nut. Not mine. Share your furies in the comment box below and feel one fuck of a lot better for it. Go on, get it off your heaving chest and let the Kraken mop your fevered brow…
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Fat man anorexic

While in the supermarket yesterday, helping my mum round the shop, I encountered an example of what I’ll hesitate to call humankind. A big fat old man proudly wearing a t-shirt bearing the slogan, ‘I’ve beaten anorexia’. I practically stood … Continue reading

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Possible over reaction to meme about boys

This: Grrr. Thank the Lord I have a girl, who is therefore always totally clean, mostly immobile, and has no interest in wrecking havoc. This was shared on Facebook by a toddler-mother friend. I needed to tell some one … Continue reading

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Mooses in the (newish) hoose

So, it turns out that the new build flat that I purchased and moved into eight months after delays is full of gaps and holes left by the builders, who have no sense of maths. For two small wires, they … Continue reading

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Your Turn!

It’s Friday which means it’s your chance┬áto rant the living shit out of whatever’s been making you crap shards of spleen lately. Oh go on, you can bang on about whatever you fancy and you can even ‘fuck’ and ‘cockwomble’ … Continue reading

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SIM Card Hell

Back in February, I went back to England to visit my Dad. I have an old unused Blackberry, so I thought I would just take it with me, buy a SIM Card, on account of the last trip and the … Continue reading

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