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It’s not so much a goodbye…

  Right then, Kraken-lovers. I have a nadge-worth of news for you. You have to prepare yourself though. Those of you who love me may have to be sedated while those of you who hate me may invert yourselves with … Continue reading

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Blog Off

You know, it rarely occurs to me to clarify what I have written on this here blog, not least because it’s delivered via the medium of loudhailer by a kraken who has had the discretion part of her brain damaged … Continue reading

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Ring Finger

Kraken lovers, you may have noticed by now that the relationship I have with my television is much like the relationship Harold Shipman had with his patients. Let’s just say that it pitches me into uncontrollably murderous urges and neither … Continue reading

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Love Boat

As you can imagine, kraken-lovers, it takes a lot to creep me out, not just because I am an underwater creature of wrath and the scourge of mouth-breathers the world over but because in my spare time I like to … Continue reading

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Blood Sisters

  Look, if you have read this blog for any length of time you’ll know by now that I’m not shy when it comes to discussing bodily functions. In fact, most of my posts contain some reference or other to … Continue reading

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